Kleiman & Evangelista Cataracts
I am Frank Sapinski, and I work as a medical installer.  I have been wearing corrective lenses for the past five years. I finally got tired of my poor vision getting in the way of not only my work but all the other activities I enjoy like deer hunting and motorcycle riding as well.  My cataracts were terrible, and on a recent trip to the doctor I failed the eye exam. I knew that without good vision I would not be able to do my job or drive, so I decided it was the right time to do something about the cataracts that were hindering my everyday activities.

I called the Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center because it was close to where I live. I also called a few other centers, but Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center was the most straightforward with their answers to all of my questions. I chose not to go for a consultation at any of the other centers I had spoken with and went straight to the Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center.

When I went to the Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center for my consultation, I actually didn’t even have an appointment. I called the center to get directions and I came on over. The staff at the Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center was very pleasant; they didn’t waste any of my time, and I had a very short wait. I went back into the first examination room to have my eye test. We then scheduled my procedure, and they handled the financing all on the same visit. The consultation itself went very quickly; I was in and out in no time. All the doctors and the staff at the Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center were very cordial, making for a great experience.

My premium lens procedure went very smoothly and the results were instantaneous. My procedure was on a Tuesday, and by the time I went in for my check-up on Wednesday, I could see great.  Now that my vision has been restored, I don’t even know where my glasses are; life is so much easier.

While I am working, I don’t have to worry about pushing up my glasses every time they slip down or drying them if they get sweaty. I am so glad that I don’t have to wear bifocals anymore. Waiting for my eyes to focus on the spot I was trying to see took up my time and frustrated me. Now when I am working, I am glasses and worry-free.

My improved vision has also been handy while I am deer hunting.  Before my premium lens procedure, I had trouble seeing long distances. If a deer was standing still, I couldn’t spot him until he moved. Now I can see deer at greater distances even when they are standing still or are silhouetted in the trees. It is working out well for me but not the deer!

Another enjoyable activity that was hampered by my poor vision was motorcycle riding. Cruising on the open road is such a thrill now that I don’t have to deal with glasses. Wearing glasses and a motorcycle helmet at the same time was a definite problem. I had to find sunglasses that fit over my glasses or bifocal sunglasses. Since my premium lens procedure I no longer have to worry about that problem-Dr. Kleiman did a great job!

Before my premium procedure, I had trouble with bright lights. If the sun was right in front of me, my vision was severely impaired. This made it hard for me to see road signs and other critical items around me.  I wore sunglasses to try and help with that situation, but the only thing that solved the problem completely was the premium lens replacement.  The IOLs eliminated the glare, and I can see what I am looking at without the sun bothering me.

My vision is fantastic now. The Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center exceeded all my expectations. I never thought my vision would be this good or that the surgery could be so quick. I recommend Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center to anyone who needs their eyesight improved.  When I see other people put in contacts, it makes my eyes hurt.  The procedure was painless, very simple, and I am happy with the results. Thanks to the entire staff at Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center, I no longer need glasses and life is so much easier. I’m free!


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*As with any vision correction procedure, results may vary patient to patient. Most patients report improved immediate vision. Additionally, the majority of our patients continue to experience improvement in their vision for up to six months.